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Wham! Medley: Christmas Video 2017

Scott sings some songs in a garage

Scott Manley Hadley aka Solid Bald performs a Wham! Medley in his parents’ garage to celebrate Xmas 2017. Featuring hilarious gold-tinted renditions of ‘Last Christmas’, ‘I’m Your Man’ and – the majority of the video – ‘Wham! Rap’. Merry Christmas and enjoy!

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It ain’t easy living this hard. I work and I work and I write and I write and only rarely does the writing sling me any dinero. If you like what I’m doing here, then please consider donating me a fiver or multiples thereof. The more you donate, the less time I have to spend doing other things for money and the more ice hot content I can carve out for you. I don’t expect anything to come through here, tbh, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Christ, I hope it doesn't hurt to ask. If posting this here a few times cripples my viewing figures I'll feel like a right Icarus.


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