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Bad Boy Poet by Scott Manley Hadley

Reviewed by Karina Bush

Reviewed by Karina Bush

This is a candid, funny and vulnerable collection. A mix of tweet-like pop-poems and personal devastation, the author takes you into the man behind the humour. There is no filter, an essence of confession, an intimate insight into the growing pains of adulthood and masculinity.

Scott tells us his secrets with disarming frankness, juxtaposing the absurd poetry about faeces with moments of crippling suffering.

Lying on the pavement
In the rain
At three am 

Howling through tears
Demanding an ambulance
Because I’m cold and scared and lonely. 

My personal favorites are the pieces that deal with ageing, ill parents. Sadness and anger brim in these poems, he writes the pain sharp as the feeling, the cruel brutality of mortality.

It’s a house where mortality 

Is louder than splintering rock. 

Life is a car crash and it can break us but the bad boy takes control of the wheel. I like bad boys and I like bad boy poetry. Read it.


Karina Bush was born in Belfast, Ireland, and is now living in Rome. She is the author of three books, BRAIN LACE, 50 EURO and Maiden. She also creates visual poetry, follow her Instagram or Vimeo account for regular uploads.

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Special Edition of Bad Boy Poet

Bad Boy Poet is the debut poetry collection from whingy hipster blogger Scott Manley Hadley. It is a series of “confessional-style” poems describing the life of a confused and conflicted youngish man as he tries to work out who he is, following a mental health crisis and the subsequent breakdown of a relationship. Also there’s loads about poo, illness, ageing, masculinity, Pierce Brosnan, sexuality and dogs. Purchase from to receive a special signed edition that includes a personal dedication, a handwritten exclusive poem AND a high resolution full-frontal nude photograph (postcard size).


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