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truther press is back with a zine!

My occasional “publishing venture” TRUTHER PRESS has re-entered the literary (?) fray, by finally figuring out how to/bothering to get the 2020 text THE TRUTH ABOUT… THE VEGANS into the hands of the near-tens of people desperate to read it.

One of three as-yet-unpublished TRUTHER PRESS projects written during the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the psychological horror is about torture as a response to the unethical nightmare that is the meat industry.

Who are the vegans? What do they want? In the first of a projected series of pamphlets exploring unknown and mysterious phenomena the world over, The Truth About… The Vegans is an unapologetic, self-righteous, psychological thriller exposing the true moral failings of the meat industry. Expect big scares, belly laughs and genuine contempt for the diets of others.

Available now as a zine! #myfirstzine

Use the link to send £5 to me (or more if you know it’s going to cost me more than that to mail it to you from London – be reasonable!) via PayPal and include your postal address to receive your hand-stapled copy:

Available now as an eBook on Kindle via this link and it’s free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, whatever that means:

Available as a weird POD paperback via this link, tho I haven’t seen any copies so it might be unreadably ugly:

Pics below of me and Cubby enjoying our very first homemade zone!!! is 10 years old! Celebrate by sharing this post – or others – with friends (if you have any), family (if you have any), lovers (which I presume you have because this website isn’t for children), or by donating to the site via the below link so that I can maybe take a day off work some time and enjoy being alive for a few hours.


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