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On Daniel Craig as James Bond on Roofs

I was up a tower in Siena this afternoon and was gifted this beautiful view of the red-tiled roofs of the city:


Which immediately made me think of Quantum of Solace, a film that opens with an extended Sienese scene that includes some great shots of Dan chasing bad bastards over the top of buildings. Which IN TURN got me thinking of the pre-credit sequence in Skyfall – involving motorbike stunts on the roof of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. THEN about the start of Casino Royale – a free running foot chase, climbing up to the top of an unfinished building then back down again.

Roofs in all of them. (And, of course, Skyfall also includes a section on the roof of a train. And almost ENDS with Bond on a roof in central London.)

Are rooftop adventures for Craig what one-liners were for Brosnan? Or what excessive amounts of sex were for Roger? I believe so. Roofs are his Bond trademark.

No further questions. Or points. (I’m on holiday…)

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