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On Santa Croce With No Baedeker

Rather lamely, Florence is probably the non-British city I know best. It’s full of beautiful, wonderful buildings, sculptures and paintings, many of which remind me of passages from some of my favourite books and films.

My title for this piece is a reference to EM Forster’s A Room With A View, a great novel half-set in Florence. In that tale, a young woman accompanying her maiden aunt on a Grand Tour visits the church of Santa Croce without her guidebook, her Baedeker. I too was in Florence without a guide book, however I was there with my art historian girlfriend, who basically functions as the same thing. The following are some of the (mostly morbid) sights I most enjoyed.

This is the skull and rotting oesophagus of a dead bird I found outside the Duomo:

photo (11)

Machiavelli’s tomb:

photo (10)

Dante’s tomb:

photo (9)

Galileo’s tomb:

photo (8)

I believe that this is the building from which Hannibal Lecter hangs a man after slicing open his anus so that his guts fall out when the cord becomes taut:

photo (6)

This is a picture of a man beheaded by a woman in Santa Croce. I thought there was something yonic, and thus menstrual, about the wound. Particularly as it was inflicted by a female saint.

photo (2)

Through a window in the Uffizi towards the Duomo:

photo (5)

This is the loggia that in A Room With A View a murder happens beneath…

photo (4)

Here’s a lovely shot of me on the Ponte Vecchio, overlooking the Arno:

photo (3)

Happy bloody Wednesday!

1 comment on “On Santa Croce With No Baedeker

  1. When I was there, I found a dying rat.


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