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Bullet Point Book Review: The Odyssey by Homer, Translated by Stephen Mitchell

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  • Need to leave for work in five minutes
  • It’s a classic, v. famous book and for a reason
  • exciting and fun adventures
  • very bloody
  • scene nr end where Odysseus kills all Penelope’s suitors very reminiscent of We Need To Talk About Kevin – man w/ bow and arrow in a locked room killing ppl
  • lots of famous scenes recounted in a strange way
  • structure odd – starts years after the beginning and earlier events are anecdotalised flashbacks performed as epic poems w/in the text
  • lots of references to poetry
  • great to see these famous myths and characters in original setting
  • cannot comment on Mitchell’s translation as haven’t read any others
  • liked violence. gory details
  • bit where, after massacre of suitors, his old nursemaid enters room and sees Odysseus covered from head to foot in thick black blood and she weeps w/ happiness at his return. Funny.
  • even tho aware of most events, most events SO FAMOUS, still a reasonably gripping read
  • despite much repetition and most characters not developed at all, enjoyable
  • would recommend? if you’re interested in idea of reading it, I wouldn’t give up
  • Odysseus as trickster, charmer, vocalised hero. good for a weakling like me. even tho he is also strong.

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