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[sung] oooh, fellas: what’s ya dicksiiiize?

A 4 second Noise Piece and a link to more madness at the HuffPo


I’ve been very distracted by all manner of things, so the linked Huffington Post piece took me several weeks from conception to ejaculpublication. 

‘Why don’t we talk about our erections?’ is a piece claiming that male body shame (especially shame related to the visual and literal size of the erect penis) is the root cause of sexual assaults. 

Click any of the words to experience me making that massive leap.

Best thing about this is the following comment from a HuffPost reader who’s read my “work” before:


In addition to this, someone signed me up to loads of fetish websites on Friday morning, with the usernames – tied to my email address – related to cock size.

I’ve enraged the internet. I’VE MADE IT!!!

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