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On Urinals

How many men must a man urinate in front of before you can call him a man?

seriously, you expect me to piss into that?

Rather annoyingly, the Huff Po deleted the picture I added to the top of my latest article for them, so “How Are Urinals Still A Thing?” doesn’t look great on the page and will – definitely – suffer in traction because of it.

Oh, well.

In this brand new, crazy, overblown, self-indulgent piece I discuss the overwhelming problem that results from the fact that men are expected to – always – be comfortable urinating in front of other strange men.

Bring back the cubicle, I rail – I am anxious and need the privacy. It’s all over the place, sloppy and confused, and says more about my (again) declining mental state than it does about the issue of its title.

Another cry for help from a very helpless man.

Read the whole goddamn thing by clicking on this sentence. If you like it, please comment/click social media buttons on the page. I’d appreciate it. Thank you. I love you. Hold me.

Also, look closely and notice they’ve categorised the article as “Huffington Post Comedy”, which I think basically means that I’ve lost.

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