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In Love With HS2 & Awards Excitement

new article & award attention elsewhere

This is more of a newsletter than a blog post, and for that I truly, truly, truly, apologise. I’m tired. See the above picture. I’m confused. See the above picture. I’m shortlisted for an award. Imagine a different picture. I haven’t worn a shirt or played squash for almost a month. Need to get back on my feet.

This week I’ve published my latest review over at Open Pen, of the great – but toxic (imo) Signal Failure by Tom Jeffreys. Though I love the idea of his book and the way in which Jeffreys explores nature writing and the landscape of the UK on the projected route of HS2, his pro-Home Counties schtick made me fucking livid. Read the review here, which is basically me saying how much I enjoyed the way Jeffreys wrote and the topics he wrote on, but how much I HATED with extreme rage his – bleurgh – politics of “radical conservatism”.

Elsewhere, time is running out to vote for me in the Best Reviewer category at the Sabotage Awards. I wrote a piece in third person to explain to the readers of Open Pen magazine why to vote for me. Read that by clicking here or on the previous sentence, or skip the middle man (which is also me) and just go right ahead and CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR ME RIGHT NOW. If you’re reading this after April 30th 2017, the chance is gone and I definitely probably didn’t win.

That’s it, normal posts resuming in the traditional three days’ time.

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