Book Review

boomer by Scott Manley Hadley

a poem i wrote a while ago


I?ve been to Europe loads of times and it has a lot to offer.

I?ve been to Venice and Paris, been skiing once but it hurt and was expensive.

I?ve been down the Algarve, classier than the Spanish resorts.

There?s a lot in Europe to recommend; food, especially in Italy.

Only a liar would claim pizza hasn?t become a teatime staple,

And I know it?s giant cheese on toast with ketchup, but it?s better than that makes it sound.

I eat a plate of pasta most weeks, sauce out the jar, on the hob ten minutes, easy.

The Italians do food well, but it?s sad most of the world thinks they do it better than us.

Is a pizza or a pie and mash better on a wet winter?s night?

I?d hit anyone who tried to give me salad instead of stew in the lake district, our North.

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