Book Review

Utopia by Bernadette Mayer

a great book, a terrible blog

it’s a very very very very very good book

i read it weeks ago, weeks and weeks ago and since then i’ve been deep into a massive modernist novel that the next fucking post on this fucken thing will be about

this is a beautiful book

it is a hopeful book

a witty book

an intelligent book

a poetry book

it’s from the eighties, but it blends prose and verse and honesty and imagery in a way that continues to feel fresh and evocative

it’s about utopias, ideas of futures that could, should and/or shouldn’t or couldn’t come to pass

some are anarcho sexual futures of passion and love and sex

some are more realistic extrapolations of political futures envisaged by bernadette meyer and her collaborators three plus decades ago

there are pieces written as essays, pieces written as poems

it was free – save (tbf pricey) postage costs due to some kind of sale recently, and it’s well worth that price if it’s still available

i don’t remember much about it as i’m pretty depressed at the moment and working a lot at alternately inappropriate and deathly boring menial jobs

this was a brief reprieve, so far away am i – right now – from any real personal heavenly utopia, an arcadia

i read this too long ago and too quickly to have much to say about it: i sucked it up, pored through it, pawed the copy as i read its dense, tightly packed pages in less than a day

we should all hope, we should all fear

mayer and her collaborators (i’ll look up the names later, maybe) do/did both

this is something i’ll reread, it was phenomenal, but i acquired 29 books on my birthday so it won’t be something I’ll be rereading again soon (i will read at least some of those first)

ok i need to sleep now hopefully without terrifying dreams (lol i will defo have terrifying dreams that’s meeeeeeee)

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