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Four New Songs

solid bald sings four times again

Apologies, avid readers and keen fans for my absence from this space for a week or so. I’ve been reading – a lot – and watching lots of movies, but instead of making blog posts about those, I sat down to try and make music to accompany my annual XXXmas spectacular. However, I got over-excited and, after re-recording the vocals for the song I wrote last year, ‘Santa Come Back (And Tell Me That The World Is Flat)’ I segued into a music-filled weekish off from work.

In that time I covered a Christmas classic, made a – in my opinion genuinely musically interesting – heavy techno track backing a silly poem from my 2018 poetry collection Bad Boy Poet, and then I wrote and recorded an original and very very sleazy countryish song as a partial (and cheap wuheyyyy) Xmas gift for my lover.

Listen to them all below. Share them if you like them! Invite me to perform them live if you want! Be entertained! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

I’ll be back in the coming days with at least one post looking at at least one of the books I’ve read during the last couple of weeks, and then some kind of “year end round-up”, though as I’ve had a much better 2020 than most people I know I’ll try and do something more interesting and less smug than it’s possible for me to be.

OK, listen up! Enjoy! And – if you haven’t already – please please please please please order the pleasure of regret: it’s provoking gushing praise or intense silence from everyone who’s read it, so it’s clearly doing something right!

my latest – and imo best – book hip-hop-o-crit available now

sad prose book the pleasure of regret from Broken Sleep Books.

Humour ‘n’ Full Frontal Nudes in Because Earth Is Flat (with Sean Preston)

Listen to my novelty XXXmas song on Spotify

Order my raucous poetry collection via Open Pen.

Order my sad prose chapbook via Selcouth Station Press.


Now available, an anthology of writing about excrement, edited by Triumph of the Now’s scott manley hadley. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING unless you live on the moon or something. Featuring Fernando Sdrigotti, Karina Bush, Geoffrey Chaucer, Jonathan Swift, the Bible, Harry Gallon, Genia Blum, Guy Russell, Cubby the Dog, Jane Frances Dunlop, Paul Onuh, Kim Vodicka, Steve Denehan, Jaime Lynn Becker, Ramsey Daniels, Jordan Hamel, Giuseppe Manley, Logan K Young, Kiki von Kristmass, Liam Hogan, Maximillian Novak, Mazin Saleem, S Leese, Dawn Davies, Ben Jonson, Mel Black, Hania Habib, Rob True, Ana Reisens, Pam Knapp, James Joyce, Oliver Zarandi, Nick Carzana and Sadie Dingfelder.



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