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voice to text fragment: The power by Naomi alderman

voice to text fragment from summer/autumn 2021

The power by Naomi alderman

Last Friday night or Saturday night I don’t remember one of the weekend after a long shift in my job the work that I do and on getting home but I would love to do it. Crack open a bevy or 3 however that’s good when I told him I didn’t want what

  • Last Friday night. Is this

Last Saturday night, after a long day working in my job which is pretty boring in the small hours you should lay what happens at this time usually what happens at this time crack open a baby wolf free hahaha I’m watch some kind of trashy or known trashy movie down. On this date I didn’t feel like watching a screen I wanted to watch a book I was tired it was a light so I’m going to pick something that I feel would be engaging accessible I know so that I’d be able to get nicely stuck into port 4. I browsed the room in my dirty I see apartment which is filled with books many of them dirtyin both senses and I selected the power by mailing alderman as a good premise. I was very happy with my selection new paragraph something I have been worrying about since the time a few weeks ago I read a mainstream popular novel, is that I’m too much of a snob to enjoy this style of writing. Older men thankfully proved that wrong and functionally emphasized how s*** XXX I can’t remember title book actually was. 

 The power is an interesting classic old school style post modern novel with a gentle little framing narrative set thousands of years in the future off to society has been utterly redrawn due to the events of the novel. The novel text itself functions as a historicization of the texts own fictional past. We begin the narrative proper in a very recognizable contemporary world it is just like where we are where we live own day today

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