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micropost – Plastic Emotions by Shiromi Pinto

brief comments on a perfect novel

I’m absolutely livid about the fact that I have somehow lost a very very long post I wrote about this book several months ago.

It’s a phenomenal, decade-spanning novelisation of the life of Minnette de Silva, a prominent Modernist architect from Sri Lanka. This debut novel is a funny, moving, entertaining and deeply informative exploration of the history of architecture and architectural theory across the majority of the twentieth century.

I laughed, I cried, I googled pictures of various buildings frequently – this is a rare example of a perfect novel, and I’m genuinely annoyed that my detailed, in-depth thoughts about it, written in the early Spring when it was fresh in my mind, somehow got lost in the [digital] move from being a highly employed Torontonian to an unemployed poet loitering in Tottenham.

Another excellent book from Influx Press – I honestly did write about it properly but when mass posting pre-written posts during the early Summer of 2022 it wasn’t in the [digital] folder with the others.


Please note this was not a review copy as a couple of the less popular Influx titles I’ve reviewed have been – I paid for it myself, including international shipping to Southern Ontario and it was worth THRICE the price. It truly is an excellent novel and I cannot recommend it highly enough. is 10 years old! Celebrate by sharing this post – or others – with friends (if you have any), family (if you have any), lovers (which I presume you have because this website isn’t for children), or by donating to the site via the below link so that I can maybe take a day off work some time and enjoy being alive for a few hours.

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