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lst nite i drmt tht smbdy lvd me

someone has written about me

Photo on 24-08-2016 at 18.07 #2.jpg
Me, happy, like I was as a child.

Something marvellous and confusing has happened. I have become a critical subject.

Over at Queerty, an online news site whose tagline is “Free of an Agenda. Except that Gay One” (which is great), their Assistant Editor, Graham Gremore, has written about my most recent Huffington Post piece. I’m not certain if posting about this on here is smug or an example of my own naiveté, but I’m so excited by this momentous evidence of the fact I am at a massive career high that I don’t care about propriety. Other than getting paid, I can’t really envision things going any better.

Check out the Queerty article here, here, here, here and here.

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