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on enraging the public


Bald, critical subject Scott Manley Hadley relaxes, fatly, on a bed.

So, it’s happened again. Someone has read one of my weird posts on the Huffington Post and responded to it in kind. This time, a teenage Californian. (I know that because I searched for the blog and was immediately presented with an IP address database telling me where the website had been created. Honestly, I didn’t try to find out but I didn’t stop myself either.)

Highlights include:

“Scott Manley Hadley may be open about his lack of hair, but does he also lack common sense?”

This is an earnest and pained response to an article (by me) that included the sentences:

“Money can’t buy the rich man love, but money can buy him hair (and sex, which many prefer).”

“(other than the exceptions) most people don’t have bald friends.”

“Think of how many men you know who’ve left their partners because the other put on weight or visibly aged – both are common occurrences and broadly considered acceptable.”

The blogger gets close to working out the truth with this clause: “It seems a bit like a bad joke, but[…]” and then goes on to list reasons why I couldn’t possibly be joking.

No “but”, I’m afraid, buddy: my article was a bad joke.

The nicest thing about this whole debacle is the fact that this article about me is the only post on the entire blog. This means that a young man, somewhere in California, was INSPIRED by me to write, to create a blog and to express himself. And isn’t that magical?

Read his post here and my original article here.

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