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busy busy busy busy

I’ve been busy busy busy doing lots of different things, including writing two new articles for the Huffington Post and beginning to produce a comedy show:


Photo on 28-04-2017 at 10.07 #4

I wrote a piece called ‘Why I, Unhappily Bald, Embraced the Selfie’, which is about how despite hating my ugly bald head I love taking selfies. The reason? Because the evidence of ageing reminds me of my own mortality. Read it all here.


I wrote another Huffington Post article the same week. Why? Shamelessly in the hope of directing traffic towards the Saboteur Awards voting page (which didn’t seem to work, boohoo). This one is about Super Mario Run, the shit game on my phone that I’ve been playing too much, and how it reminds me of millennial life (i.e. pointless, expensive, depressing, oddly familiar.) Read all it about – please, no one else did and I was pretty pleased with it – here.


adrd c venues image square

I have also signed up to help produce a show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Albrecht Dürer: Renaissance Dude. The show is still in development so there isn’t much information to share, but the website is here should you want to learn a bit about it.

And these are just some of the things that have been keeping me from writing new blog posts!

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