Book Review

Dreaming In Starlight by Philip Elliott

I review an eBook for another website.

I did something stir cold crazy recently and wrote a review of a book for Sabotage Reviews, a more serious website than the kinda places I usually write reviews for (i.e. here and Open Pen). So, get ready to click a link and see what my posts on here would look like if I wrote them as normal (which I did) and then deleted:

  • All the bits about my body and bodily functions;
  • All the bits about my mental health;
  • All the bits about where I was while reading;
  • All the bits that were unremittingly critical.

So, if you want to see one of my reviews that is EVEN MORE balanced than usual (and, believe me, I go out of my way to be balanced on here (#centrist)), then click over to Sabotage Reviews to see my review of Dreaming in Starlight by Philip Elliott. 

Here’s another link, sploosh.

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