A Wild and Precious Life

One of the best/worst things about having a serious mental breakdown is finding out about things that definitely happened differently to how you remember them. This time last year, I was alllllll over the fucking place. This week I have had some automatic writing from that period published over at Milk + Beans, but even that doesn’t quite evidence the darkness, the confusion, that comes from me having realised that I forgot to publish an episode of my unsuccessful web series, #TotNTV.

Honestly, I thought they had all gone up, but I forgot to upload one, this episode with Lily Dunn where she talks about her recovery and addiction project, an anthology that is now being crowdfunded for publication over at This interview is now over a year old, so some details will have changed, but click through to this page: for up-to-date deets. I have a piece included in the collection so, yes, I do have a vested interest in the funding goal being met. The anthology will be called A Wild and Precious Life.

Watch below for more information:


HERE IS ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO CLICK FOR THAT LINK. Again, thanks to Burley Fisher Books of Dalston, England, for the filming location.

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