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I Write Self-Involved Book Review For Another Site

I read and discuss a book about dickhead hipster bartenders, just weeks after stopping being one.

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I’ve done it before and I’ll fucking do it again, OK!?

Please read my self-involved review of hipster bartender novella, The Shapes of Dogs’ Eyes by Harry Gallon, over at Open Pen.

Every single word in this blog links to the review.

Wicked, brah!

1 comment on “I Write Self-Involved Book Review For Another Site

  1. michele

    I love this review so much, but it reminds me if when I first started reading Tama Janowitz. I thought ( and I suspect you thought, or should have thought- this is the book that was in my head, why didn’t I write it, because I was too tired or drunk or whatever, but Scott you could have done this) “Why didn’t I do this” I suppose it seems too easy more reportage than fiction, but that does not make it any less readable. There will be a wave of books like this. No one hates a hipster more than another hipster, and no one is more likely to admit to being one, than one him or herself. It that sense it is a unique sub culture, self loathing is built into it disguised as self importance. I really want to read this book.


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